TCAGest has been pursuing a policy of cooperation, trying to establish partnerships with companies of re-known competency, with the goal of reinforcing its positioning as an integrator of solutions.

Therefore, we seek to combine our experience, acquired throughout almost two decades of work, with the know-how of some reference companies.






The Brazil Salomão Office was founded in Brazil in 1969 and has consolidated itself as a full-service law firm. 

Currently, it maintains offices in Lisbon and Porto in Portugal, in addition to 10 offices in different Brazilian cities and states. The entry into the European market, via Portugal, followed the guidelines of a strategic plan for international expansion, in the specific service of Portuguese-Brazilian businessmen, entrepreneurs and investors in both jurisdictions.

In this context, Brasil Salomão brings together specialized professionals, with excellent service, in the legal practice between the sister countries, Brazil and Portugal, in order to enable its clients to safely evolve their activities in any of the locations, with specific legal solutions for each type or segment of business.