Being aware that the needs of organizations in terms of management and accounting vary according to their activity and dimension, TCAGest created a set of solutions for making its services available, adapted and customized to the real needs of each company.

By resorting to the most recent technologies and to innovative accounting and management practices, we offer a vast range of services that meet the most demanding needs of each company, either micro, small or medium sized, or large companies.

By rendering global management and accounting support services, TCAGest also makes a large flow of updated and reliable information available, based on economic and financial indicators, which allow managers and decision makers to feel safer and to act swifter in their decision making process.


Outsourcing accounting services and reporting is more and more a global trend.

Through an outsourced regimen for their financial and administrative processes, companies can make their structures more flexible and improve their financial indicators and economic ratios, thus maximizing their global performance.

Considering the different regulatory frameworks in force, TCAGest has created several internal competence centres, where groups of experts prepare the processes based on the POC, POCP, POCIPSS and the EU standards, rendering services of

General Accounting
Analytical accounting
Cost Centers

Thus we try to offer an appropriate response to the requirements of the specific projects of each company, developing information adjusted to its activity and dimension.

The accounting services we render to our customers include several stages, following a very rigorous working methodology.


Whenever TCAGest professionals are contacted in order to prepare the accounting plans for our customers there are three procedures we have defined for the beginning of the operations.

Chart of Accounts
Plan of Third Parties
Work Organization


Besides organizing the whole document flow (and respective filing) and in addition to recording all patrimonial facts (according to the principles of accounting), every month the professionals at TCAGest prepare support documents in order to guarantee an excellent accounting service.

Entry Statements
General Trial balance
Trial Balance
Fiscal Obligations

Quarterly / Semi-annually

Accounting has become more and more an important management support instrument. Thus, every quarter or every semester (according to the relevance of such information for the project at stake), we make all the indispensible indicators for sound management available.

Management Indicators


Analysis of accounting data is particularly relevant when closing each financial year. Thus, every year, we prepare a set of records and accounting data for our customers, which allow managers to follow the evolution of their company.

General / Analytical Trial Balance
Trial Balance prior to earnings
Final Trial balance for the Year
Condensed and analytical balance sheet
Net Result Statement
General statements of account
Depreciation maps
SModel 22 (Corporate Income Tax)
Annual Declaration (Corporate Income Tax)

Personnel Management

We firmly believe that Human Resources are the greatest asset of any organization. People embody organizational knowledge and they can leverage the creation of value within companies. So, we consider that all issues related to HR management deserve great concern by organization managers.

At TCAGest we offer a set of services for HR management ranging from Economic Analysis, Study, Wage Preparation and Processing, based on the activity and dimension of each company.

We also have a specialized team in labour relationships, with deep knowledge of all matters related to the Labour Code, Social Welfare and Collective Labour Contracts, caring for the fulfilment of all legal requirements.


The organization of all information related to human resources is fundamental for an effective management of that which is the most important resource of any company. At TCAGest, the HR Management process starts with three essential assumptions.

Employee Files
Declaration from Art. 99 Income Tax for Physical Persons
Analysis and Organization of Wages


Every month we prepare a set of fundamental documents for processing wages and for tax purposes, in addition to organizing all the information related with the specific situation of each employee of our customer companies.

Salary payslips
Social Welfare Maps and Payment Sheets
Model 41/42 for Income Tax – Withholding tax
Vacations list
Wage Payment Maps
Sheet / disc for payments by Bank Transfer
Map / Letter for Insurance Purposes
Statistics of Costs with Personnel


By the end of each year we compile information related with the permanent personnel and their fiscal situation, in order to maximize the fiscal activity and to render profitable the human potential of each company.

Map of Permanent Personnel by Branch
Income Tax Statement – Annex J
Letter / Declaration of Employees’ Income
Vacation list

Financial Management

A gestão financeira de uma empresa envolve um conjunto de acções e procedimentos administrativos, que visam maximizar os resultados económico-financeiros, através da eficiência operacional e do controlo das actividades financeiras.

Na TCAGest apresentámos uma equipa com excelentes habilitações para prestar apoio às empresas em todo o seu processo de desenvolvimento e crescimento, com um conhecimento profundo dos vários sectores de actividade, permitindo-nos, por um lado, antecipar riscos e ameaças e, por outro, identificar oportunidades.

A informação fornecida em tempo real permite um bom planeamento contabilístico e fiscal, bem como a resolução antecipada de problemas de gestão administrativa e financeira.

Procuramos as respostas adequadas às necessidades de cada empresa nossa cliente, oferecendo várias soluções de Gestão Financeira.

Apoio à Gestão – Os nossos profissionais, com formação nas mais diversas áreas, designadamente em gestão de empresas, finanças, economia, fiscalidade e direito fornecem todas as informações relevantes para apoiar a tomada de decisão no dia-a-dia da empresa, ao nível da gestão económica, financeira e de recursos.

Controle de Gestão – Com base na informação contabilística, processamos e desenvolvemos o controlo de gestão ao nível do produto ou do serviço, identificando os pontos fortes e os pontos fracos de cada área de negócio, dentro da empresa.

Online Management

Often we regard conventional with a critical attitude, however, we remain inert and even resistant to change.

In times when changing is a constant and where inadaptability creates a competitive disadvantage, TCAGest took the lead and launched swift access to all the information on your company – real time accounting.

With the implementation of the Entrepreneurial Portals PRIMAVERA we have gathered, in a single Web platform, a set of functionalities that guarantee greater mobility and dynamics.

With this On-Line Management solution, TCAGest provides a fully transparent service, offering its customers and collaborators the possibility of consulting all their business information from anywhere in the world, at any time, with no physical or time constraints.

By choosing On-Line Management, our customers ensure real time access to information such as:

Current Account Extracts
Trial Balances
Fiscal Maps
Balance Sheets
Result demonstration
Result simulation

Online Management – Accounting and Human Resources

My Accountant is our on-line service dedicated to the customers. This service ensures Just in time access to HR, and financial and accounting information.

This service contributes in a decisive way for company managers to guide their decision making process in a swift and reliable way, based on real time access to the financial performance of their company.

With this innovative service, we have invested in the use of new technologies in order make sure we are providing a quality and transparent service to all our customers, as HR, and financial and accounting information is accessible in real time, offering the possibility for remote follow-up of all operations.

Document Management

It has become extremely relevant for us to follow-up on the progress of new technologies, as only such constant follow-up can foster and enable all processes more effectively, allowing us to accomplish greater efficiency in the rendering of our services.

The growing flow of information in the daily activities of a company generates in the organizations the need for endowing their structure with a platform that can help them optimize all their documentation management.

TCAGest turns that goal into reality.

The TCAGest documentation management system enables the custody and filing of all accounting documents by means of their digitalization and classification, thus also facilitating their instantaneous localization through a hyperlink to the accounting entry, thus enhancing the quality of the information and the productivity of the company.

Through digital and certified images, the purpose of this service is to offer our customers:

Electronic document storage
Easy localization of documents
Document visualization and printing
Certified Digitalization of Documents
Definite destruction of paper documents with the permission of the Directorate-General for Taxation.

Fiscal Consulting

TCAGest team of consultants follows up on the regular activities of our customer companies, through a continuous and regular consulting service so that the company is kept informed on the treatment of the operations it carries out, and so that it can also formulate some of its options and strategies, according to the maximization of fiscal advantages.

Through a detailed study of the opportunities for fiscal efficiency, we seek to ensure that our customers benefit from the opportunities offered by appropriate planning, aligning the fiscal strategy of the company with the reality of the business at stake.

The work of fiscal consulting carried out by TCAGest consists in the follow-up of companies, through the rendering of the following services.

Supervision of current fiscal and accounting operations
Fiscal impact studies, consequent to company investment policies
Optimization of company profitability by choosing the best fiscal solutions
Timely information on relevant changes in fiscal and para-fiscal legislation
Provision of any clarifications whenever our customer company needs.